About me

My name is Nicolas Magain. I am an Assistant Professor in the Evolution and Conservation Biology Unit at the University of Liège, which is part of the InBios Research Center and the Department of Biology, Ecology and Evolution (BEE).

My work

I study the evolution of lichen symbioses, in particular between Peltigera fungi and Nostoc cyanobacteria. I use phylogenetics, metagenomics, population genomics and community ecology to study these symbioses. In paralle, I teach classes on Evolution, Biodiversity, Plant Systematics and Conservation Biology at the Bachelor and Master levels.

After defending my PhD thesis in 2014 at the University of Liège under the supervision of Prof. E. Sérusiaux, I continued my research as a postdoctoral associate working with Prof. F. Lutzoni and Dr. J. Miadlikowska at Duke University (North Carolina, USA, 2015-2018). I am an assistant professor at the University of Liège since October 2020.