02 Jun 2020

Festschrift for Emmanuel

Festschrift for Emmanuël Sérusiaux (special volume of Plant and Fungal Systematics)

A Festschrift for Emmanuël Sérusiaux

On June 2nd, 2020 was published in the journal Plant and Fungal Systematics a Festschrift in honor of Prof. Emmanuël Sérusiaux, who retired from the University of Liège (Belgium) in October 2019. Emmanuël has been my master thesis and PhD advisor. It has always been great to work with him, and I am sure we will continue to collaborate for many years to come. This volume celebrates over 40 years of his great accomplishments in the field of lichenology. I was one of the guest editors of this volume alongside Damien Ertz (Meise), Bernard Goffinet (UCONN) and Paul Diederich (Luxemburg). We presented this special volume to him as a surprise (unfortunately through video for the other editors, given the circumstances). Emmanuël was very happy to receive this special gift! The volume comprises sixteen papers (including fourteen on lichens) with descriptions of several new genera and species named after him. Many thanks to all the authors who contributed, and special thanks to editors in chief Adam Flakus and Jolanta Miadlikowska for handling this special volume so well. Please check the special issue on the journal webpage. (picture credit: Laurent Gohy)