30 Nov 2020

Bilateral project Taiwan-Belgium with Ko Hsuan!

Funding to work on lichen and bryophyte microbiomes in Taiwan!

Funding for bilateral Taiwan-Belgium project with Ko Hsuan and colleagues!

I am so happy that we got funding to collaborate with my long-time friend Ko Hsuan Chen (Academia Sinica, Taipei). Ko Hsuan and I overlapped in the Lutzoni lab at Duke for many years, and we had a long tradition of matching costumes for Halloween (see above).

More seriously, the MOST-FNRS bilateral funding will allow us to study the microbiome of mosses and lichens in Montane Cloud Forests in Taiwan. We are planning to start our sampling in October 2021.

Other participants to the project are Drs Alain Vanderpoorten (ULiège), Romain Darnajoux (Princeton U) and Jen-Pan Huang (Academia Sinica).

The project will also likely involve two graduate students from ULiège.

I am very excited to start (or continue) collaborating with such amazing scientists.